Billy Goat® MV Multi-Vacuum

Billy Goat® MV Multi-Vacuum

Item # BGMV650SPH

  • For lawn thatch removal, leaf and debris removal and litter removal. Rear wheel drive and top-fill design. Adjustable intake, three-speed transmission.
  • 30 gallon zipperless bag
  • 6.5 Honda GSV 190 engine; Fuel capacity: 1.16 Qt.
  • 14" custom wheels; Micro-adjustable height control
Manufacturer #MV650SPH

Picks up leaves, hedge clippings, sweet gum balls, mulch, broken glass.


  • Intake size: 29"
  • Adjustable, remote intake door. Opens large enough to inhale leaves five inches deep and closes down to create high lift velocity for dense, heavy debris on hard surfaces.
  • Zipperless bag. Easy in, easy out design makes the zipper obsolete!
  • 14" custom wheels. Smoothes out the rough areas and makes the vacuum maneuverable. 2.5" wide, semi-pneumatic.
  • Large capacity. 30 gallon capacity hold up to 50 pounds of debris before emptying.
  • Unique top-fill design. Keeps dust out of operator's face and ensures optimum filling.
  • 3 speed transmission - self propelled only. Ultra-smooth and extremely durable.
  • Impeller is robotically welded 1/4" armor plate steel 6 bladed.
  • Dimensions: 61.5" L x 47.5" H (handle) x 29" W (overall)
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