Anti-Skimming Stickers

Anti-Skimming Stickers

Item # PSPP99-ROLL

  • The anti-skimming stickers protect the most vulnerable devices on your property to skimming crime, the fuel pumps in the parking lot.
  • Each sticker consists of two parts
  • Each sticker is individually numbered
1 Roll/EA
Manufacturer #PSPP99
Pack: 1/EA

These tamper evident stickers will help alert you and your employees to any unauthorized entries into the fuel pump cabinets. All point of access to fuel pumps (including diesel and kerosene) are equipped with tamper-evident stickers. If someone attempts to remove the sticker, it will show "VOID" across the front. Each time the pump is opened (for maintenance by a tech, adding receipt paper, etc.) the sticker must be replaced on the pump and in the control log. The control log is updated with the reason the pump was opened.

Bluetooth-Enabled Skimmers Reap Millions From Fuel Pumps. Thirteen people have been charged with stealing millions of dollars from bank data collected from illegal skimmers installed at gasoline stations in South Carolina, Texas and Georgia.

  • By using skimming devices planted inside gas station pumps, these defendants are accused of fueling the fastest growing crime in the country.
  • The skimming devices were internally installed and therefore undetectable to victims who paid at the pumps.
  • The devices were also Bluetooth enabled, so the defendants did not have to physically remove the skimming devices in order to obtain the stolen personal identifying information.
  • Cyber-criminals and identity thieves are not limited to any geographic region, working throughout the world behind computers.
  • According to documents filed in court, the top four defendants used credit card skimming devices to copy credit and ATM numbers, as well as PIN numbers, which individuals used at convenience stores throughout Texas, Georgia and South Carolina.
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